Wholesale voice

There is a positive correlation in population growth and communication. With population, the consumption of minutes daily both in voice and data is growing. With this rampant voice market, various voice carriers offer a wide range of international voice services, every operator is vying to have a cost effective and high quality service.

GENCOM has been active in the telecommunication segment for several years and has an established track record in voice-carrier services. We have an A-Z active routes covering all accessible geography. Also direct, TIER1s, and indirect routes for various destinations. We have both live and potential traffic averaging around 20 to 30 million minutes a month and have more than 70interconnections from the best international voice carriers. We provide UK domestic voice solutions to local telecom businesses and are among preferred partners for UK as well as internationally for wholesale carrier solutions.

GENCOM provides CLI routes with competitive pricing model and worry-free business. GENCOM is recognised for its uncompromising quality carrier solutions, reliability and secured services at competitive price.

Wholesale highlights
  • Interconnects strategically positioned over dedicated IP backbone infrastructure with over 30 Tier 1 and forty Tier 2 carriers.
  • Premium Quality and Scalable Voice Termination at competitive rates.
  • State-of-the art monitoring tools used to deliver network reliability and efficiency.
  • Ultimate pricing and service delivery.
  • Our infrastructure is managed by directly to ensure consistent high level of service.
  • We have a proactive 24/7 a week approach to Network Operations Support and Customer service.
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