Managed Partitioning Services

Managed partitioning services are ideal for business and entrepreneurs who have an active customer base, marketing team and sales in place. However, has limited knowledge about VoIP. At GENCOM, your business in the VoIP industry is assured with the integration of our VoIP switch managed partitioning services.

GENCOM managed partitioning service is of high demand, as we offer our clients with dedicated partition of our VoIP switch for their business purposes in accordance with client’s choice and requirement. We do bespoke plans to meet their needs. With our solution the client can preserve and enhance its brand-identity to new levels.

The positives
  • Award winning portals and service desk systems.
  • Bespoke, Reliable, flexible, and scalable solutions.
  • Customer can focus on sales while GENCOM manage your back-end
    Ideal opportunity to enhance business revenue with minimum investments or infrastructure outlay.
  • No more hiring expensive and over-qualified support personnel teams.
  • No fixed expense on infrastructure and all associated capital and running costs.
  • Flexible scalability for infrastructure remotely with no dead investment
  • Comprehensive administrative access to dedicated server.
  • Administrator web-portal.
  • End-user web-portal.
  • Integrated billing system.
  • Complete reports on route quality, traffic trends, alarms.
  • Advanced routing.


In telecom services there is always room for better margins. All it takes is a call or an email to
share your routes or service strength to optimist our respective advantage.

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