Carrier Interconnect Solutions

Europe is home to a complex international eco-system comprising voice interconnects, private peering, public peering, private NNIs and private VPNs.

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Reseller Services

GENCOM offers Reseller solutions which provide comprehensive benefits without worrying about the cost associated with a VoIP network.

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Retail Solutions

At GENCOM we recognise the fact that, retail services are key to growth in telecom technology and carrier services.

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Managed Partitioning Services

Managed partitioning services are ideal for those businesses and entrepreneurs who have a strong customer base, marketing and sales…

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Wholesale Voice offering

There is a positive and exponential correlation between population growth and communication.

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Value Added Services

A company can commercially offer these services without having to own its own telecommunications network. With relevant technologies that enable these services

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In telecom services there is always room for better margins. All it takes is a call or an email to
share your routes or service strength to optimist our respective advantage.

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