Redundant Network and Ofcom regulated

Gencom with its Ofcom regulated Public Electronic Communications Network (PECN) operator with a robust Origination Service. We offer UK Numbers (Geo,Non-Geographic, Toll free, Premium numbers) and with our interconnect we offer, load balancing, multiple end-points and services you can scale to match volume.

With Gencom’s Origination services you are in a position to improve your bottom-line with quality conscious and price sensitive approach.

Our Services for Inbound

We have a plethora of options for our enterprise and corporate customers to choose to match their communication and budget objective. We offer wide range of solutions to help businesses to control where and when incoming calls are answered

HD Codac Quality

We at Gencom realise the importance of quality and our infrastructure is equipped to provide our discerning customers with the best voice quality available

Absolute Control

This is key when it comes to enterprise and business to have absolute control for Edits and updates. Freedom to manage calls by just a click without being a being a geek. Out systems are geared for office staff to manage our user friendly UI to make changes without seeking experts.

Rich Features

Businesses are evolving. Our system offers flexibility to continually add and remove features to match the business need, with less rigidity. Including voicemail to email, multiple time zones, call notifier,configurable announcements and more.

Disaster Recovery

No system is complete without DR plan. We have provisions in place to minimise surprises due to natural disasters and other risks of fire burglary etc. As our systems are hosted in the cloud with mirroring, no physical damage and allows business continuity


This is a a great treasure for businesses. These reports gives insight to deluge of calls and helps both marketing and other departments to evolve their strategy and measure effectiveness. With our reports, graphs and charts that show where and when calls are received.Response, impact and add to standard KPIs for marketing and other services.

APIs and Number Portability

We offer these services as standard. Out team has standard API for Number ordering to enterprise integrations. We assure our customers we are open to developing required APIs to minimise manual error and this comes as default for all our corporate customers.

  • Un-metered service
  • Highly competitive rates for Numbers
  • Volume based bespoke plans
  • Revenue share Numbers
  • Number Services include;
  • Numbers ( All Type) – Bulk Numbers -Number Hosting – Number Porting
  • Bespoke solutions
  • Special Number in sequence or memorable options
  • Full Call Control through web portal
  • Our numbers come with PBX features as optional
  • We offer Geo Numbers from all UK area codes all other prefixes including toll free and premium numbers
  • We offer best payout for Premium numbers
  • Bespoke solutions


In telecom services there is always room for better margins. All it takes is a call or an email to
share your routes or service strength to optimist our respective advantage.

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