Carrier Interconnect

“No telcom service provider is an Island.”

Europe is home to a complex international eco-system comprising voice interconnects, private peering, public peering, private NNIs and private VPNs.

GENCOM has over the years invested in carrier infrastructure and diverse connectivity with Key exchange sites established in strategic locations throughout prominent territories.
GENCOM Enterprise Telecoms portfolio of inter data centre Carrier and Managed services are designed to provide a practical, readily available solution for inter-operator connectivity, generally between data centres and operators.
Our presence in Telehouse, London and Amazon allows us to extend connectivity to any other operator seamless.

  • International Gateway
  • SS7/C7 Interconnect
  • VoIP Interconnect
  • IPX
  • Centralized Routing


In telecom services there is always room for better margins. All it takes is a call or an email to
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