Corporate Social Responsibility

“At GENCOM we work on the principle that no corporate activity is complete without social commitment.”

GENCOM is committed to the communities in which it operates. We target the underprivileged sections of society. A non-profit initiative is aimed at fulfilling the social responsibility of our core values system which is to create opportunities and strives towards a more equitable society. Established in 2015, this initiative supports programs in the areas of education and healthcare. Its mission is to work in remote regions of Africa and Asia.

As part of an evolving outlook on social responsibility, GENCOM management has made provisions towards embarking on a long term social cause. The cause the company has identified with, is to work with agencies that are actively working with children for liberating them from poverty to prosperity through education. In the board meeting that took place in the November 2016 it was decided to commit a dedicated fund on quarterly basis for the emancipation of young generation in third world from poverty through education.

We are partnering with a registered charity in the UK for accomplishing this endeavor. This charity is into education for children and will be publishing the progress on Projects through our website. We are proud to inform our business partners that every pound we earn shall be shared with the needy for a happy new generation.


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