Founded in 2009, GENCOM Technologies maintains a steady growth over the years as a leading brand in both B2B and B2C services with quality as its hallmark. The company has systematically built its reputation as a Telecom Solutions Provider.

our vision

Strive to become the choice of generations in Emerging Markets as a reliable telecom solutions partner and provider of telecommunication apps.

Our mission

To strike a balance between cost-effective voice network and service infrastructure and reach out across the emerging markets.

OUR corporate structure

We are a privately held company that prides in taking measured risk and accountable to our actions. We have been relatively conservative in expansions. However, with technology convergence and scope of B2C services we are in the process of adding the breadth in management and capital gearing to expand our services with special focus on Africa and Asia pacific.We are headquartered in central London, United Kingdom with sales offices in USA, UAE & India.

Our Team

Gencom brings rich picking for Small and Medium companies to immensely save on
their communication cost and Value Added Services.

S Joseph

Founder and CEO

After spending years in core telecom technology, Joseph set up Gencom in 2009 to pursue his passion combining technology with business. Which goes back to his subjects of choice in graduation, Mathematics and Economics. His strength in understanding the symbiotic relation of service to business and consumers, combined with agnostic approach to technology that gave him mettle to steer change in telecom industry. He has been riding the fluid technology in this space with deft and has mastered the art to find gaps to leverage for opportunities for business advantage.

G Chacko

VP - Carrier Services

George bring with him over 15 years of experience in Telecom Services, Healthcare and Services industry. He has built and successfully managed teams in Europe and India. He has a wealth of network and relation that he leverages to expand Gencom services across geography. He served Primus Telecommunications, UK for over four years as Programme Manager undertaking key programmes spinning off as profit centers. He is a Management Graduate with interest in creative writing and finds time to work on a book series that is in the making.

David Quirk

Sales - Senior Consultant; Corporate

He brings on board over 25 years of sales experience, spanning, Technology and myriad of industries. His varied experience helps both clients and technical team to identify their need suscint and without fuss. He makes the most boring technical conversation for non-IT companies and managers engaging and quickly establishes the value that Gencom services bring on board. His breadth is of immense help to the management and team in translating mundane solutions to powerful utility and tools.

Swalah Awadh

Head of Operations Africa & Middle East

Mr. Swalah is often treated as fresh air for our clients in Middle East and Africa.
He understands the culture and sentiments of the region. His sensitiveness to address the clients of this region has won Gencom great accolades among our audience. We see great growth in this territory. He brings on board over twenty years of core telecom experience and has great inroads into Oil and Timber industry. His knowledge of Africa and Middle East, to add his feel for people is a great asset to Gencom.

Siju AS

Head of Technical Operations (NOC)

Mr. Siju plays a pivotal role in day to day operations of Gencom. Nothing misses his scanning eyes and vigilant mind. He has close to a decade of experience in running operations and love his job. He is a workaholic with a bend for innovation and always going the extra mile to meet constant challenges that crop up. He is out there to take on crisis and has an air of sang froid in his conduct, that keeps his team guessing. He has a dedicated team of twenty technical experts around him that shadows his responsibility and keep our network stable and live 24/7.

Our Clients Our Strength

We take pride in working with some of the popular operators like; KDDI Global, BT wholesale, Verizon,Vodafone and a host of blue chip carriers to meet the demands of our valued customers.-

The Opportunity

Gencom brings rich picking for Small and Medium companies to immensely save on
their communication cost and Value Added Services.

our personnel

A robust management team with industry expertise, supported by a technical teams based in UK, Germany and satellite development teams totalling forty members.

our footprint

At present we have over thirty, Tier one and over Forty, Tier two – Carriers, Network Operators and Service Provider to clients in MENA and APAC regions across covering thirty countries.

our marketshare

We have built a strong network regionally. Like all operators we have our strong routes and to name some; Algeria, Angola, Bangladesh, Bahrain, India, Pakistan, Senegal.


In telecom services there is always room for better margins. All it takes is a call or an email to
share your routes or service strength to optimist our respective advantage.

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